The Anthem: I’m a Daddy!

Here we have the ultimate Father’s Day Anthem, “I’m a Daddy” by dj LV.
(This is what he had to say about creating this video)…..

“Out of ALL the the things I’ve done in my career (which is a lot)…this has been the most meaningful…Dads deserve more credit than they get. This was my way of saluting all the Good Dads out there. I’m dj LV, and I approve these Dads…Cool Dads Rock”!

Father and teenage son standing outdoors

We go hard in the paint for Mother’s Day, because we all love our mothers, and sometimes fathers don’t get their due acknowledgement. But this video right here makes you want to grab a father and lift him up!

I watched this video and smiledfather-son all the way through seeing the love and commitment these fathers have for their children. I love to see men express the love they have for their children, and this video did an amazing job capturing real men, being happy to be a daddy!

I think this should be the Father’s Day Anthem Of The Year! If you think so to, please like and share this message. I think we can make this go viral!

It’s their season, it’s their time, lets let them shine!

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s in the world from CulSire with the help of dj LV.

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One Response to The Anthem: I’m a Daddy!

  1. dirtdaubber says:

    Being a dad is a privilege too many don’t take up for challenge for. Thanks to all fathers out there who are living it every day.

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