The Interrupters.

I’ve just stumbled across this amazing documentary shot in 2011 throughout the mean streets of Chicago. In this stirring and powerfully insightful year-long journey through Chicago’s inner city, Oscar-nominated director Steve James (HOOP DREAMS), in collaboration with author Alex Kotlowitz, follows three courageous “violence interrupters” working for the innovative organization CeaseFire, as they patrol the city’s meanest streets to defuse scenarios of heart-stopping volatility.The-Interrupters

Interrupters, including dynamo Ameena Matthews, daughter of notorious gang leader Jeff Fort, are seen to be the only force standing between a killer and his victim when gang vengeance threatens. With unprecedented access, and with the specter of Derrion Albert’s horrific death hanginthe_interrupters_smallerg over the community, James captures the increasingly urgent one-on-one encounters where lives hang in the balance.

*As a previous resident of the “Southside”, the material captured within this powerful documentary shows the complexity of life on a daily basis. Though this was created several years ago, the death & continuous violence remains.

The steady struggle for survival along with minimal opportunity in our communities creates hopelessness & blurred vision. Now is the time for change & it starts with US.

**Click here for the complete documentary:

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