Southside Economic Development Project


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Betta. (1955-1965)

UntitledThere’s been many social changes since The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s with the struggle for human equality but remains difficult 2 comprehend how another person can ever claim superiority over another.

The audacity.

Fast forward to 2016 where rights remain violated due to the color of a person’s skin, gender & faith.


Betta. (1955-1965) from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.

This is why I see an importance of keeping this particular segment of history alive & brought to the forefront.

With the recent pulse of bold ignorance exhibited by insecure grumpy men young & old, the sacrifices of those before me who laid their lives on the line cannot & will not be dismissed.

Despite the dangers during that period, peaceful demonstration displayed the power of the human spirit & exposed the foul attitudes of those who oppose.

Regardless, heads remain high….2Sprayed with high powered water hoses, beaten with police batons, mauled by dogs, even killed clearly shows the true face of injustice that continues 2 this very day.

So ask yourself, are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

C’mon man!!

Why should we even have to explain such a basic life principle that should be considered common decency?1History has the tendency to repeat itself but is our responsibility 2 prevent such painful events from reoccurring.

So now is the time for all of us 2 do “betta” yall.

Here is the first installment of a series explaining the relevance of that time & what it means 2 be me.

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Smarter Than U Think.

UntitledSouthside Economic Development Project.


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The Southside Economic Development Project.

Here’s a collection of photos showcasing some unique imagery of south side Chicago. With a poor reputation for all of societial ills, here we have a glimpse of where we are & where we need 2 be…because we’re more than that.

You have 2 start somewhere ya know!…it’s the…

Southside Economic Development Project.

Lets go!!!

Southside Economic Development Project. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in contributing photos, articles or anything pertaining 2 the positive aspects of south side Chicago, feel free 2 email: peacewith2@yahoo.com.


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Ambition 2 Action.


Southside Economic Development Project

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Above the Gate.

UntitledSouthside Economic Development Project.

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The Lost Streets.

The BBC just released a mini documentary on Chicago’s intractable gun violence problem, featuring interviews with young black men who live around the city.
The near 15-minute piece begins with an interview with a father and Iraq War veteran who says he has to be careful of violent neighborhoods because of fear he will be mistaken by a shooter as a rival gang member. The piece also touches on some of the structural issues that have fanned the flames of violence in Chicago neighborhoods, particularly those that political pundits tend to ignore.


“I’ve never seen so many guns now than ever. It’s like somebody dropped off crates of guns in everybody’s hood, like it was designed for a motherfucker to lose,” says Bo Deal, a West Side resident.

“The police authority don’t like the way we live. We don’t actually like the way we live,” says Steve Bennefield, a resident of the South Side. “But when you’re pushed into a way of life—when you’re forced into a way of life—how else can you live?”

Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Police Department declined to comment for the story. The piece is well worth your time, but it’s also unfortunately missing the voices of any officials who have or could have had a tangible role in affecting any type of real policy changes that would help Chicago’s neighborhoods heal.

A look inside the South and the West sides from the perspective of the people who live with daily violence and tragedy would certainly be an eye-opener for those not paying attention to daily reporting from many local sources (especially people who live outside the city), but it would also do pundits and certain presidential candidates well to remember that the violence plauging the city doesn’t exist in a vacuum.gangs-2We didn’t get here overnight. From the largest set of school closures in history to the decimating of neighborhood mental health care and other services, to the fact that money gets siphoned from poor neighborhoods to fund pet projects for well connected developers, this crisis has been decades in the making.

Camera/director: Darren Conway; video editor: David Botti; assistant producer Gabriella O’Donnell; aerial photography Phil Jorden; executive producers Jacky Martens and Ben Bevington



Southside Economic Development Project

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